Designer Fund

Designer Fund invests in startups and designers at all stages of their career.

They provide literal investment and foster an intimate design community in San Francisco. What makes Designer Fund unique is that the team cares deeply about cultivating relationships and using design to solve hard problems that typically haven’t gotten much love from the industry.

The moment you step into the space, you’re greeted with high ceilings, tatami mats, a hospitable welcome and peace, despite the office being on one of the busiest streets in SOMA. Many of Designer Fund’s events are small and unrecorded so presenters and audiences can speak freely to one another.

Feature picture by Loren Baxter

Designer Fund already had a powerful ethos, it just needed to be captured. After talking to the team, I ran a workshop with them to crystallize exactly what was important to Designer Fund. I created a series of archetypes and we ran through an exercise where the team highlighted what resonated and felt off.

‘Quality over quantity’ rated high on Designer Fund’s list. But, they also care about investing in the community and making it better. Taking inspiration from the space, we structured the brand to allow for public at-scale initiatives while keeping room for intimacy.

More public events are akin to being at a get-together in a lobby. While you’re clearly at Designer Fund, it’s a bit buttoned up. As you commit more to the community, you start to feel more warmth.

A bookmark for an event. Because this becomes a public object, it’s friendly, but understated. Printed locally by The Aesthetic Union.

Continuing on our brand work, I helped Designer Fund create a new site. Since they’d last updated, they’d started to fund more companies, put more emphasis on their Bridge program and had grown their community.

Jason built this site.

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