The Firesteel

After losing the love of a powerful oracle, Natt Raymer travels back in time to figure out where they went wrong.

To appease his niece and face his past, Natt spins a fable that stretches his and Kit's decade into an amended world history. Between the columns of Ancient Greece, under the canopy of the Amazon, dodging fire in war-torn Britain, he searches her predictions for truth. He searches for glimmers of a future.

The Firesteel won first place for literary/general fiction in Writer's Digest Self-Published e-book Awards

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They don’t make them like they used to, Kit’s right about that. If he keeps his eyes closed, the pocket watch’s lowly tick thrums to a heartbeat in his hand. The mechanical swing of time, gears and springs, at easy reach whenever he needs it...

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Reviews from real readers

I'm really not sure where I even begin with this book. If you want the TL;DR version before I start to wax poetic, I'll just say this: read it. Do yourself a favor and read it.

If you're looking for a book that talks about and encapsulates the feeling you have when you know you love someone but just can't find the words to tell them, read this book; if you're tired of books about love that use the same tired cliches in and out, read this book; if you want to feel genuinely connected to characters with flaws that are as real as the ones you may have, read this book.

Ash Huang has crafted a brilliant story on the nature of love, longing and the concept of forever. Take the other book you were going to read and put it down.


I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and am I ever glad I did! What a unique story, from a completely different angle, and the characters were the type I love: the ones you actually care about what happens to them. Simply brilliant! Do yourself a favor and sit down with this one some sunny summer afternoon. I guarantee you will be swept away on the waves of imagination and emotion this one evokes.


This book is so unique, it tells a story of love and heartbreak through time travel. Ash Huang has poetically weaved a beautiful modern-day story through the remarkable years of the past through future...I love the character development of Natt’s personae throughout the story he tells in this book. I also adore the fact that Kitami stayed as Kitami or Kit in the story. It tells us, beyond the written words, that Natt has never looked at her differently.

The plot is breathtaking as well as the writing style. The author writes with such a style that adds more life to the story and makes it even more interesting than it already is.


Within the first chapter of the book, I was hooked. Author Ash Huang has a distinctive writing style that instantly drew me in - the single best word I can use to describe her prose is beautiful. It’s a story that has both modern-day and magical settings and characters alike. I'd highly recommend this book to anyway who wants to escape into a beautiful, interweaving tale through the ages.

—Amazon reader

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