Heroine is a podcast featuring the journeys of women creative leaders and risk-takers, focusing on their origins, creativity, and leadership.

Heroine is the brainchild of Maria Molfino, an artist, writer and creative coach. It’s a podcast that highlights the stories of women leaders in the industry. I was fortunate enough to help her figure out exactly how that big idea would manifest visually.

We began our process by talking about what makes a heroine. Does it mean love and light? Going deep and doing what we’re called to do? Embodying #sorrynotsorry? Through visual exercises, we figured out what felt right and worked on refining.

Early explorations were about conveying the duality of women’s journeys, the uncertainty, the depth, the wildness. What does femininity look like when it’s a powerful force of nature?

We shipped this visual of the double wave. The ocean keys into the depth and power of women, an inevitable potential rooted in physics. The black represents the unknown, the journey. Making the split hand torn tunes into a more organic and artistic feel (and left fun strips of paper all over the place).

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