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Valio Con, San Diego, California, April 2016

Description and video coming soon. Sketch by Susan.


San Francisco, California, February 2016

Interview by Helena Price for the Techies photo documentary project.

“I think it’s so ironic, tech is always asking for quantitative affirmation, for data, but the data that says diverse companies do better is ignored. I’m an optimist, though. The way things are going, if you’re going to ignore inclusivity, you’re going to be a dinosaur in a few years..."

Epicurrence 3

Epicurrence, Park City, Utah, 2016

Interview by Tobias van Schneider. Trust tree.

Interview with Maria Molfino

San Francisco, California, October 2015

On overcoming rules, comparison and attachment to creative work. Picture by Victor.

Nothing’s Sacred, Not Even Goats

Design Details, San Francisco, California, October 2015

Interview with Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin: For episode 70 we sat down with Ash Huang, an independent designer, illustrator and writer here in San Francisco. In the past Ash worked on brand design at Twitter, brand and product design at Pinterest, and has most recently published her own book, The Firesteel.

Behold the Puppyshark

Made by Few, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2015

How to balance wildness and domestication.

Find Your Color

Creative Mornings, San Francisco, September 2014

An explosion of animated GIF awesomeness, Ash Huang takes us on a colorful journey.

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