Ash Huang writes, designs and paints. She works at Adobe as a designer.


The Firesteel

After losing the love of a powerful oracle, Natt Raymer travels back in time to figure out where they went wrong. A time-bending love story about remembering, mis-remembering, and whether or not we ever truly let go of the past.

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It is 2022. American cities are under strict quarantine, and nearly 30% of the population is infected with a deadly flu. As reporter Fi Ocampo unravels the story behind the contamination, she must come to terms with her otherness, and her responsibility in determining the fate of her country.

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Essays and Interviews

Tech, diversity and design




Have gifs, will travel. I’ve spoken for crowds of 13 to 13,000 in Vegas, San Diego, Little Rock, Sioux Falls, and more, including:

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  • Huang is pronounced, Hwah-ng, all one syllable.
  • If you’re emailing about advice via coffee or a phone call, I’m prioritizing time with my family this year. I’m happy to answer any questions by email. Send me a message through my contact form.