It’s always been my mission to make my most authentic art, and help others do the same.

I’m an artist and author first, and I’ve spoken and written extensively about creativity. I’ve spent over a decade designing tools for creative tech companies, such as Pinterest, Dropbox and Adobe.

Come on the journey with me. I’m still learning every day!


The Firesteel

After losing the love of a powerful oracle, Natt Raymer travels back in time to figure out where they went wrong. A time-bending love story about remembering, mis-remembering, and whether or not we ever truly let go of the past.

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As Reporter Fi Ocampo unravels the story behind a deadly contamination, she must come to terms with her otherness, and her responsibility in determining the fate of her country. A pandemic story written in simpler times (2014).

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Selected articles and essays

Tiny Gods in Offscreen Magazine, Issue 6

Runners in Lean Out (collection of essays)

Designer/Writer Ash Huang on How She Bootstrapped her Novel to Reality on Lumi's blog

Cross Country Diaries on the On She Goes podcast

I Wish You the Best on Thought Catalog


I paint portraits in watercolor and digitally. Currently on a journey to level up! Follow along on Instagram.

Contact info

She/her, and Huang is pronounced, Hwah-ng, all one syllable.

If you’re emailing about advice via coffee or a phone call, I’m prioritizing time with my family this year. I’m happy to answer questions by email. It might take me a minute to reply, but it’s the best way to get in touch with me. Send me a message through my contact form.

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