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Ash Huang is a writer. Her fiction appears in Orion's Belt and Alien Magazine, and her essays are featured in Catapult, Fast Company, and elsewhere. She won the 2022 Diverse Worlds Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation, and is an alum of the Roots. Wounds. Words. Workshop, the Tin House Winter Workshop, and the Periplus Fellowship.

She/her · Huang is pronounced Hwah-ng



a dark photo of red roses

Blood, Bone, and Water

The hedge is a dark mass on the horizon, heavy with scarlet roses. Once in a while, the vines choose a hapless man. When his back is turned, the branches snatch him up. They close over his quivering cheeks, around his eye whites, his gaping mouth, and the rest of the knights thrash against the fist-sized thorns to no effect. At least if a man is taken by the hedge, his compatriots will whisper about him forever.

Orion’s Belt: September 2023

Image from Unsplash