Ash Huang is an American writer and artist. She primarily writes fantastical and historical literary fiction exploring themes of otherness, nostalgia and misremembering, evaporating homelands, oppression while being an oppressor, and Asian America. She has also written essays on equity in tech and design, as well as creativity and maintaining a creative practice. She worked for a decade as a designer in the Bay Area.

She’s currently working on a third novel, and tinkering with other creative projects. Keep in touch via her very occasional newsletter.

Awards and fellowships

Selected for inaugural 2021 class of Periplus

First Place, Mainstream/Literary Fiction: The Firesteel, Writer’s Digest 3rd Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards

Selected speaking engagements and interviews

Spoke at AIGA San Diego Y Confererce 23

Meet Ash Huang, XD Designer at Adobe by Day and Renaissance Woman by Night by Adobe

Interview for Techies

Spoke at ValioCon 2016

Designer/Writer Ash Huang on How She Bootstrapped her Novel to Reality by Lumi



Huang is pronounced, Hwah-ng, all one syllable.

If you’re emailing about advice (coffee or a phone call), I’m prioritizing time with my family and my own projects this year. I’m happy to answer questions by email. It might take me a minute to reply, but it’s the best way to get in touch with me. Send me a message through my contact form.