A portrait of Ash Huang by Helena Price

Ash Huang is a writer, artist, and designer. She has been published in Orion’s Belt, Alien Magazine, Catapult, Fast Company, and elsewhere. In 2022, she won the Diverse Worlds Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation, and is an alum of the Roots. Wounds. Words. Retreat, Tin House Winter Workshop, and the Periplus Fellowship.

Her speculative fiction examines themes such as inherited and intergenerational stories, nostalgia and misremembering, our shared and conflicting visions of place and home, our complicated relationship with social media and technology, and her particular slice of Chinese America. She has also written essays on motherhood, equity in tech and design, as well as creativity and maintaining a creative practice.

Ash works as a designer at Adobe, and is also a fine jewelry artist. Keep in touch via her very occasional newsletter.

She is represented by Hana El Niwairi of CookeMcDermid.

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